The film documentary “Billy Yeager The Ineffable Enigma” has been released.

The film is being called one of the greatest music documentaries ever made.


The Yeagers’ “What 4?” Benefit concert takes place in Malibu Beach and at the Subterra Castle Missile Base in Kansas.

To purchase tickets CLICK HERE


Maltese Productions presents

‘The Film That Changed The World.’

This is the story of William Yeager and his wife Anais and their quest to produce a “Transcendental Film”.

2016 the film that changed the world poster

Official Site


Malibu Beach L.A. Magazine features article about Billy’s art, music and films.

Click on image below.

Billy Yeager Malibu Beach Article Cover

D Artes Magazine talks about Billy’s oil paintings becoming collectable folk art.

Artes Cover : Contents

Click Here for PDF

Billy Yeager’s Scientific Discovery: “Transcendental Music”.

costa music 2

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