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Cartas al Viento (Revised Edition), a new book published by Dr. Covadonga Ruiz De Temino, about the life of Billy and Anais Yeager.


Billy Yeager – “Sebastian Beach One Fine Day” Movie Soundtrack

Proceeds from the Sebastian Beach One Fine Day Movie Soundtrack are donated to Wild Florida Rescue, which provides a safe and compassionate emergency first response service for wildlife in need of urgent medical attention.


Life v Death by Billy and Anais Yeager


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Life v Death presents a remarkable array of artistic strategies offering healing and hope to those struggling with depression / suicidal thoughts through selected works of music, film, performance art, and storytelling.


Billy Yeager is an award-winning singer- songwriter, discovered by Grammy Award Winner Bruce Hornsby in 1991. Yeager went on to become an award-winning independent filmmaker, producing, directing, acting and composing the soundtrack in all of his films (see IMBD).

In 2005, Billy and his wife, Anais, began a serious search for truth, not only in their lives, but through their art, music and films.

In 2009, the Yeagers relinquished their comfortable lives in Palm Beach, Florida, and embarked on a spiritual journey that took them into the Mojave Desert for over 4 years, where they produced and directed their film called Jesus of Malibu.

In 2013, the Yeagers were discovered by Maltese Productions and a documentary film was produced about their lives.

The documentary, called The Film That Changed The World, won Most Inspirational movie award at the Red Dirt International Film Festival.


The Yeagers are also activists; many of their music videos depict the suffering and injustice around the world among the greed and vanity of today’s society.


Billy and Anais believe in goodness, truth and justice, and also that music and film can bring power and healing.


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